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Permanent make-up application is suitable for:

  • Eyebrows shape perfection ("lights" above eyebrows)
  • Upper and lower eye-lines
  • Lip contour and filling, brightening above lip-line

Permanent make-up

What is all this about?

The difference between classic tattoo and pigment application into the skin used for permanent make-up consists in used methods. Permanent make-up is based on artificial surface pigmentation using light natural dyes. Durability of the method is 3 to 5 years subject to the skin type. Permanent make-up ranks among temporary methods.

The operation itself is performed using a special cosmetic apparatus by means of finely vibrating tattoo needle and injecting the dye into the skin. The client chooses the richness of color. As the skin is renewed naturally, the dye gradually disappears. The client also chooses whether to undergo the treatment again taking new trends into account and with respect to natural skin ageing (changing face proportions etc.) or not repeat it.

  • Are you tempted by the thought to be perfect and good looking straight after you wake-up?
  • Did it sometimes happen to you that you did not want to remove your make-up out of consideration for your partner?
  • Do you often swim in fear of your make-up?
  • Do you wish to look perfect although you are usually in a hurry in the mornings?
  • Would you like to save your money and time? Does your make-up often get smudged?

Permanent make-up lasting 3 to 5 years
All color tones available

Permanent make-up can also correct certain imperfections on your face

If you are not satisfied with your eyebrows that are not long enough or they are too rare or narrow you need not use your eyebrow pencil any more. If you want to accentuate your eyes you can have upper and lower eye-lines tattooed. Also the lip outline can be corrected by means of permanent make-up as you wish. A problem of narrow lips can be, for example, corrected this way. If your lips are too pale you can have them dyed and the result is worth it.

The pigment application is preceded by consultation with the client who is informed about various possibilities and expected result. The client decides what is to be corrected and how (choice of shape and color). All health regulations are strictly observed during the treatment.

Advantages of permanent make-up

The treatment is corrective (see above), the result is water-resistant, saves your time and money, prevents lipstick smudging into wrinkles (middle-aged women problem), it removes problems in women highly sensitive to make-ups and women wearing glasses who cannot put make-up on easily. The main advantage is that women look perfect both in the morning and in the evening - all the time for three to five years.

You need not be frightened - local anesthesia using a high quality anesthetic precedes the treatment.