Cosmetician - Physiotherapist - Visagiste - Typologist


Irena Hejnová was born on 23 August 1959 in Hradec Králové. She completed her grammar school studies, after that she studied for her professional diploma at the High medical school for registered nurses (physiotherapy specialization) in Hradec Králové. She did a special course in cosmetics at "Kavčí Plácek School" in Hradec Králové where she finished her high school education for the third time with excellent results.

Afterwards she gradually attended a number of specialized courses: a course for visagistes at Ms Iveta Kopřivová, permanent make-up, eyelash permanent make-up and extension course at Tranzit Maedicos Co, color typology and AHA acids course at Heitland+Petre Co., lymph drainage and skin massage around the eyes at Primavera Co., course in electro-cosmetics at Nemectron Co. in Germany, courses in aroma-therapy at AOK-Karl Hadek Co. and a number of additional company trainings. She was on a two-month study stay in California, she cooperates with television and with Dr Roman Šmucler's "Asclepion" laser center and she often makes-up models at fashion shows. She is a member of the Czech Cosmeticians Union.

She operates "Irena Beauty Salon" of her own in Babí suburb of Náchod. The salon is very popular both with women and men of all generations and also with well-known personalities such as for example presenter Petr Novotný, Pavel Trávníček and others. Recently the services have been extended and a nail care studio set up.

Ms Hejnová specializes in removal of moles and wrinkles, acne and teleangiectasis treatment.

As she is very busy with her profession there is not much time for her hobbies. She devotes her free time to her family and cynology and has an American-Canadian white shepherd dog breeding station.