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The color typology is based on the theory that every person can be classified into one of the color groups according to her (his) color of skin, eyes and natural color of hair. This classification does not change during the whole life.

We can exactly specify your type

If you follow our recommendations you will never hesitate what color of a dress or your hair to choose. No salesperson will be able to persuade you any more to buy something that does not suit you. You will not hesitate when making-up, which colors of eye-shadows are proper ones. On the basis of color typology we can recommend you everything that is suitable for your personal type. After you know your type, the color pattern card (a free present for you) will help you choose the right shades.

You can learn from us:

  • Colors that are suitable for you
  • Colors that will optically make you look older, tired, uninteresting - the unsuitable ones
  • We will give you some good advice on your make-up
  • We will help you choose the best color and hairstyle
  • Fashion accessories and colors making you attractive
  • Many additional useful suggestions